Branding Melaleuca Australia

In changing Melaleuca logo, we have zoomed into the element of the leaves of the tree. Because the best chance any plant has to survive is through their leaves. The leaves are the source of life for the tree and generate its own nourishment through photosynthesis, which keeps humanity alive. The leaves in the logo show an element of imperfection and this reflects what we see as fundamental to all human existence.

New logo outlines the world in its circular nature, using a symbol that appears to look like the sun, the moon and the globe all in one. The logo goes on to show leaves all appearing to take the same fundamental shape, with the exception of one leaf that appears to be a different colour. That is the newest leaf that heralds in the future of the tree. This single leaf needs the rest of the leaves to keep the balance of the tree while the rest of the leaves need this newest leaf to thrive and in order for the tree to continue beyond them.

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